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The Jauch JVE and JVD series

These quartz crystal oscillators with PECL or LVDS output are particularly suitable for the interference-suppressed transmission of fast data streams with low interference.
Moreover, this series offers the option of a voltage-controlled frequency variation (VCXO) of
up to + -150ppm and is available for frequencies up to 800MHz.

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These quartz crystal oscillators are used in data transmission systems which require interference-suppressed transfers with extremely low jitter.

The Jauch JVE and JVD series:

  • Frequency up to 800.0MHz
  • Differential output (PECL or LVDS)
  • Interference-suppressed transmission with low interference
  • Variable frequency up to + -150ppm
  • JVE75A and JVD75A with very low jitter
  • Stability up to + -25ppm total
  • Ceramic metal housing 7.5.x5.0mm (7050)
  • Operating temperatures up to -40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
  • 100% lead-free and fully RoHS and REACH-compliant

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